Hexagon Holdings is an early stage platform under the brand name Hexagon Peak, established in February 2019 as a group holding company, headquartered in Singapore with its core business activities in Project Development, EPC and O&M, development and long term ownership of solar rooftop Commercial and Industrial (C&I) and utility scale, both ground mounted and floating - on- and off-grid systems, and trading with renewable energy attributes. 

A hexagon is the most efficient, least wasteful shape found in nature. The compressive characteristics of the shape allow it to be one of the strongest structures in the world - no other shape can create more space with less material. And this is exactly the strategy we are applying at Hexagon Peak - creating the most opportunities out of our partnerships with most optimised resource.


Development and acquisition, financing and ownership of utility scale and rooftop solar projects

Hexagon Assets is committed to its core business activity - development of C&I and utility scale solar farms, both with private bilateral power purchase agreements or  subsidised government PPAs. We are developing on- and off-grid rooftop solar systems and solar farms in three categories - ground mounted PV standalone systems, floating solar systems and solar storage systems. In addition we are exploring a JV with an established German EPC and IPP, specialising in agriculture+solar projects, where manufacturing of food and energy comes together at one site.

Hexagon Assets, registered in Singapore, will act as a project asset company for regional SPVs and it is a whole owned subsidiary of Hexagon Holdings Pte. Ltd. Through local Joint Venture partnerships, Hexagon Assets will be developing and operating projects across Asia-Pacific, with primary focus on North and East Asia. 


Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Operations and Maintenance of Hexagon Assets’ projects

Hexagon Electric will act as an EPC and O&M arm of Hexagon Peak, established to build and maintain all internal projects of the group. Hexagon Electric settles its operations in Singapore, while managing projects execution with local partners and third party consultants in the region. 


Trading of Renewable Energy Attributes of Hexagon Assets

Hexagon Green will act as Renewable Energy Attributes arm of Hexagon Peak. All RE attributes from the energy generating assets of Hexagon Assets will be traded through a platform, enabling buyers from all over the world to gain access to Renewable Energy Certificates, Carbon Credits and other products. As a second stage of the development of Hexagon Green, we are targeting to move the trading onto a blockchain based trading platform for a secondary market of RE attributes.